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MINUTES: Jan 6th, 2022

Open: Off the Wall area opened at 9 AM with a moment of silence, followed by the Serenity Prayer and the reading of 12 Concepts by Shawn H.

Spiritual Agreement: read by Shane R.

Guests/New GSRs:  Anna B. Freed From Insanity

 Birthdays: Shawn H. 26 years, Ty G.2 years, Anna B 4 years.

Approval of Last Month’s Minutes:  Approved. Corrections-none.


Announcements:  Please announce at meetings:

·        open position of H&I Chair (3 years clean and area service experience), H&I Secretary (6 months clean and H&I service for 1 year) and several panel positions. See Shawn H with questions.  

·        Open position of CRCNA Liaison

·        Dana I. sent out bank locations and account name for donations to make it easier for groups and members. (see report below for details and link)

·        CAR and CAT votes need to be reviewed and votes brought back to ASC for the RCMs to take to region. See RCM report below for details.

·        Merchandise is requesting any logo idea submissions preferably before the end of January. Send to otwmerch@gmail.com

·        Activities subcommittee is seeking support. Please attend the meetings and be a part. See Lauren for questions.

·        Steps and Tradition Roulette needs support and service members.

·        PI is seeking support and is need of a web servant. Training will be provided. See Sohail H. for any question.


Next meeting date: 2/6/22



Group Reports:      

Addicts Seeking Sanity:  Helen F. reporting – Addicts Seeking Sanity have moved to their new location at 1800 21st

Ave., Greeley, Co. 80634. We meet weekly at 4 pm on Sundays. This is an open

meeting and all are welcome to attend.

The group has voted to follow CDC guidelines for masks and social distancing for

indoor gatherings, so masks are required and social distancing is followed. If you don’t

have a mask, the group is happy to provide a mask for you.

We celebrate birthdays the First Sunday of the month. Our Group Conscience is the

last Sunday of the month.

Our meetings are steady with 14-15 people in attendance.

At our last Group Conscience, we voted to support extending the terms for the RD

and RDA at Regional level.

Our donations at this time are:


Region- $15.00

World: $15.00

Lit Order: $0.00


A Secular Meeting of Narcotics Anonymous: Britt B. reporting- A Secular NA Meeting


We meet online on Tuesday, 7pm MT. We are an international meeting with average attendance of 20 –

25 recovering addicts. We also are averaging 3-4 newcomers every week who are looking for an NA

message of recovery as a Secular person. We share a clear NA message and all are welcome to come

check us out on Zoom. Our meeting information Meeting ID # 89195180198, Password # 972698.

We held our bimonthly Group conscience in December to discuss progress of meeting, any concerns or


We will be celebrating our one year Zoom anniversary on February 15 th ! More will be revealed!

We are a meeting and have not formed into a Home Group at this time. We do not have trusted

servants nor take a 7 th tradition at this time.

We have a Birthday meeting the first Tuesday of every month. The second Tuesday of the month is a

short speaker share on their favorite passage from NA literature. Group Conscience occurs on even

months only. All are welcome to join us in our meetings or attend the e Group Conscience meeting.

Thank you


Breaking the Cycle: Alayna reporting- 305 w swallow up blue balcony and downstairs to back room 

Women’s Mondays, 6-7PM and Moms Wednesdays, 6-7PM

Average 10 women

No lit order, no area donation as of yet


1st GC this Saturday at 10:15 am 

Second Saturday brunch meeting takes place every month, the second Saturday. Potluck style in upper room of 305 w swallow. Meeting at 9 am then fellowship and GC at 10:15, would love to have any women in the area come join us and check it out. 



Drugbusters: Lyndsay M. reporting – verbal


Earned My Seat: –No report yet, Amy K. gave verbal update

Freed from Insanity:  Anne B. reporting – verbal


Fun Addicts: Case R. reporting – Meets at 301 E. Drake Rd on Wed. and Sun. at 7pm. Mens meeting at 6:30pm on Monday. Masks required.

Fun Addicts potluck on 12/5/21 went well! 

Avg attendance - 15 people

Avg. 7th - $15

Concerns:  none

Votes: none 

Area donation: $100 Lit order: none 

GSR: Case Rodgers Alt GSR: none 



Girls and Gays: Chelsea B. reporting- Average attendance is 10ppl

We had a donation to the church for $7

Our lit order this month is $34.35

Our Area donation is $5



Greeley Bonfire: Traci reporting- verbal



Hope Shot: Patrick G. reporting –


Just for Today:  Jerry D.reporting –

New Horizons:  –No representative-Shane R. reaching out to see about moving this group to the inactive groups.

Primary Purpose:  Jim M. reporting – All is well, Attendance has remained steady during the holidays. We continue to follow church requests and require masks.  If you come without a mask we will be happy to provide one for you. 



Solutions: Trino F.. reporting – Good morning ASC,

Solutions meets at 1318 7th ave in Greeley. Monday at 7pm, Wednesday at 7:30pm and Saturday 6pm. Our meetings are well attended and our 7th is good. We have no lit order. Our ASC donation is $332.00. 


Trino F


Stairway to Freedom: Dave L.- Good morning all and Happy New Year! Stairway to Freedom group meets at 3448 N. Taft in Loveland

Thursdays for literature study, and Saturday for open discussion both meetings are at 7pm. Masks are

required per the county mandate. Our meetings have been averaging 8-10 addicts and we have a $100

area donation.

Thank You

Dave L.

Swag’d Out: Kenny H. reporting – Good morning we meet every Tuesday at 7pm at 2700 East Lemay upstairs we have an average attendance of 10-15 people we are donating 40 dollars to world we have no lit order at this time. Thanks for letting me be off service.


Steps and Traditions Roulette: no report–Kim W. providing update

When at The End of The Road:  no report–Kim W. providing update

Windsor Lighthouse: Kim W. reporting –   Happy Holidays! Windsor Lighthouse meets in person Tuesdays from 6:15pm to 7:15pm at 530 Walnut

St., Windsor, CO. The meeting has been averaging between 3-5 people weekly. The last Tuesday of every

month is a birthday meeting please come and celebrate with us. The first Tuesday is step of the month,

second Tuesday is tradition of the month, and third Tuesday is the JFT. Masks are required and social

distancing requested in the meeting and inside the building. We have made this meeting a candlelight at

this time. We paid $20 for rent this month to the church, we have no literature order, no area donation

at this time. Thank you for allowing me to serve, Kim W (GSR Windsor Lighthouse).


Inactive groups:  Dead Without it, No Matter What! New Hope.        




Officer Reports:      


Chair Shane R.- Happy New Year.


I am Grateful to be clean, and Grateful to be of service to the Off the Wall Area and Narcotics Anonymous.


I spent most of the last 3 weeks seeing my way through COVID.

I am happy to say I am slowly returning to health.


I have reached out to the Odd Fellows, but as of the time I write this report I have not received a response.

I hope to have an update by the morning.


In the meantime I would like to encourage all groups to be sure to abide by the health department guidlines in your county. Not only is it important that we provide a safe space for any addict seeking recovery, but it is also crucial that we do everything we can as members to ensure that our meetings have places to meet. Violating health department mandates could result in the closure of meetings. We must remain vigilant, and refrain from having opinions on outside issues while keeping our meetings open for any still suffering addict.


As we continue to navigate such uncertain times as a fellowship, may we all continue to care the NA way.


In Loving Service,


Shane R.



Vice Chair: Shawn H.-See H&I report


Treasurer Trino F.- Good morning ASC,

We started with a balance of $2158.49. The total Income was $1971.97. OurTotal Expenses was 779.40 for an ending balance of $3351.06. I dropped the ball with the Regional donation of $1500.00. Dave A made a one time transfer of $1500.00 using Venmo to make our Regional donation. I have $500.15 that I have tagged miscelaneas. If  you are going to the bank to make deposits. Please tell the teller what Group it's from, so I know who to give credit to.


Trino F



Previous ending Balance


Outstanding checks


Variations in costs


Available Balance


Bank Balance


Donations and Fundraising

Addicts Seeking Sanity


BYO Book


Drug Busters


Earned My Seat


Freed From Insanity


Fun Addicts




Hope Shot


Just For Today


Meeting in the Park


Mom Breaking the Cycle


New Hope


New Horizons


No Matter What


Primary Purpose


Stairway to Freedom




The Solutions Group


Steps and Traditions Roulette


When At The End Of The Road


The Windsor Lighthouse


Total 7th










check $99.00 12.1.21 check $324.75 12.2.21 SWR 13.30

$63.10 I don't know who to give Credit to



Other income






Literature breakdown





From sales





Variance in order










For PI





For H&I









actual cost




Literature order









Rent $50/mo paid annually in Sept?  +@ $27 mo for MS and web (web every other yer)








Assistant Treasurer Dana I:   Hello OTW Area!

 Off The Wall Area Group Report

Dana I. – Assistant Treasurer

January 2, 2022

Good morning OTW Area!

Not much to report this morning… just a couple of points…

 Due to my end of year work schedule &amp; requirements, I did not make

it to the PO Box to collect mail on Friday. If you mailed any

checks/money orders in December, they will be collected/deposited

early next week. Apologies for any inconvenience this causes


 Also, just a friendly reminder to all groups that area donations should

be sent directly to the ASC Treasurer, either electronically via Paypal

or if you have a cash/check/money order deposit, please deposit

them directly into OTW’s bank account at Canvas. Please do not

hand off funds to non-Treasurer positions to deposit on your behalf –

while these individuals are kind and amazing enough to do it for you,

simply put, it is not their responsibility. If you need bank information

or instruction, I can prepare a list of bank locations &amp; account

information to blast out.

 With regards to Paypal Fees: I did some quick research, and the

Paypal site states that “Sending money domestically to friends and

family via a PayPal balance or linked bank account is free. Sending

to friends and family, via a credit card, debit card or PayPal credit is

subject to a charge of 2.9% of the amount sent through this method,

plus a fixed fee of $0.30”. Perhaps these are the fees that some are


Thank you for letting me be of service!

As discussed this morning, area donations should be sent directly to the ASC Treasurer Account, either electronically via Paypal (instructions on www.otwna.org/donations link) or if you have a cash/check/money order to deposit, please deposit funds directly into OTW’s bank account at a Canvas location, or hand over to Treasurer/Asst. Treasurer (if convenient).   Please do not give your group donation funds to non-treasurer positions to deposit on your behalf.


Here is a link to Canvas Credit Union locations: https://www.canvas.org/about-us/locations


Fort Collins

700 Whalers Way

Fort Collins, 80525


Fort Collins

1101 Center Ave Mall

Fort Collins, 80521


Fort Collins

2503 Research Blvd

Fort Collins, 80526


Fort Collins

900 S Lemay

Fort Collins, 80524



3532 W 10th St Unit B

Greeley, 80634



2529 N Lincoln Ave

Loveland, 80538



1675 Main St

Windsor, 80550


Teller can search by Account Name: Off The Wall Area Service Committee


*Indicate your group name to the teller so they can make a note on the deposit.  This makes things easier for Treasury to properly allocate these funds for your donation towards your group, and ensures a simpler monthly reconciliation. 


If you encounter issues with anything related to this process, please contact Trino F. or Dana I.


In Loving Service -❤

Dana I.



Secretary:  Shell H-Nothing new to report. Happy to serve. All reports to be sent to otwsecretary@gmail.com

RCM 1Lyndsay M. reporting – Interim CAR and CAT 2022_ICC.pdf (na.org)


Next Regional Meeting - January 16th 2022 @ 10

Regional Assembly - April 16th - 9:30-4:30


I still need to get with RD and RDA to see when they can present the CAR and CAT to the area. The hope is to get this presentation within the month so that each group has a month to present to their group and vote. These items will be discussed at the regional assembly. It is important to have your GSR attend Regional Assembly so that your vote will be heard.


ILS Lyndsay M.



RCM 2:  Dave L. reporting –  RCM II Notes from Regional Discussion 1/2/2022

Thank You to everyone for being a part of this discussion about NA unity in Colorado. Its awesome to be a part of the area that is spearheading this effort. If anyone has any further input they would like included on this list please email me directly and I will amend this list as members see fit.

Email rcm2otw@gmail.com

Just as a refresher our feedback was as follows.

ϖ RCM - Region wants information in how to improve GSR’s attendance and participation. 

o Feedback given at September 2021 OTWASC: 

Meetings can take too much time for attendees to schedule around. 

Stay pertinent to what the homegroups need to be involved in. Topics are too broad. 

Regional service can be overwhelming to newer members and if we could narrow the focus to the audience, it would really help. 

Talking points from members;

If groups have clear guidelines for GSR’s it helps new leaders understand what is expected of them.

Rearrange the regional meeting to cover GSR pertinent business first.

Don’t speak poorly of any other NA groups, try to stay grounded in the solution to our common problems. Principals before Personalities!

Let RCM’s disseminate the pertinent information from regional assembly to their respective areas. 

Make service attractive.

Show up and keep coming back no matter what!

NA service structure out of guide to local services pg V, pg 97



Subcommittee Reports: 


CRCNA Liaison: none – Up for election otwcrcna@gmail.com


Activities:   –Verbal

Hospitals & Institutions:  Shawn H. reporting – Up for election

New meeting

Wings – January 7th - 6:30 to 7:30 PM

Every other week


Literature order

$30.00 for Ips.


H&I Guidelines have been updated and approved. New copy is on the webpage. We will also have our new standardized formats prepared for active and new meetings. We want to ensure that the message of NA is being consistently carried into facilities.

We now have a new H&I email address. It is setup to have the OTW Chair email address as the recovery email, so we don’t get into personal emails not being available and our inability to recover email accounts. It is now otwhisub@gmail.com

We currently have a secretary position open. We are also in real need of panel members. Please announce that H&I needs support. We have facilities looking for meetings to be brought in but we only have a handful of active participants at this point.



Public Information: Sohail H.- 1.1.2021

Attendees: Sohail H (Chair), Dave A (Web), and Mark M (Lit)


Meeting lists will be printed after January ASC. Will ask groups to update by Monday COB. Questions about some groups who have recently added to meeting list whether meetings are actually occurring.


Webservant Candidates: 2 candidates who are interested in Webservant (both have over 1 year clean but not 2, both have willingness): asked current Webservant if that is okay. Both state have time commitment and willingness, one doesn’t have a current service commitment and may benefit. Current Webservant (Dave) willing to train if person is reliable. (Please see Webservant guidelines below)


Due to personal reasons, PI lit will have to step down (Mark) and will also be unable to attend future PI subcommittee.

- A member with experience in PI subcommittee expressed interest in being PI Literature and PI Chair will coordinate handover. Able to receive zip file for all of Mark’s information.

- Current Lit Order $21.40


- Look to get a stamp replaced to stamp literature and check the cost and report to OTW Treasurer.


PI subcommittee needs to changed due to PI Chair having work training on 1st Friday / 1st Saturday of month. Agreed to change to Saturday week before ASC occurs (typically last Saturday of month) at 1pm.  Same Zoom ID.


- PI Chair (Sohail) and another member on Phoneline attended and presented to Summitstone Outpatient and went well on 12/16. Summitstone may ask us to do more presentations. Continue to use same format.


Subcommittee  adjourned at 1:30pm



Webservant Guidelines:

Web servant should have at least two years of clean time and a good understanding of technology. 

Keep meetings updated based on GSR/a provided information.

Add events and service meetings.

Keep pages updated with names of those in current positions.

Keep CMS and plug-ins reasonably updated.

Be sure printed meeting list generates.

Add new pages to the site as needed. 



MerchandiseAmy K. reporting – Merch met along w/ activities this month. Logo contest continues. Attended event in WY & for NYE. Dropping hoodies to $30 each. 3 remaining.
Amy K.


$546 January              

$70 February               

$580 March                 

$100 April                   

$60 May                      

$75 June                     

$5 July            

$405 August                

$210 September                      

$0.00 October              

$70 November             

$2 December*             

-$587.00           green

-$589.00           grey

-$600.00           purple

$2,121  -$1,776.00        $345.00


 Literature:  Dave A. reporting – Sort of a slow month.   Sold to 9 groups and PI as well.  Hand delivered an order to JFT in Greeley.  Donated books to New Year’s Eve event.   Went to Wed mtg of Moms group twice to donate some lit but the mtg did not happen.

               Ordered $336.45 from world.  But it used my Paypal account for payment instead of the otwtreasurer account that is also set up.   I realized what I was doing wrong and will fix that problem.  Inventory is @$1700      Sponsorship coins which sold like wildfire at CRCNA are not being purchased.   Really enjoying meeting people new to service as group lit reps.  

*see attached for inventory


Elections: none


Unfinished Business:      Discussion regarding meeting in person/hybrid. The majority of the group in favor of moving forward when we are able. Will be delayed due to meeting place (Oddfellows Lodge) under renovation.


Ad-hoc for-service body inventory: Discussion to think about moving forward with inventory. Shane R. checking in with Sarah A.


New Business:     

·        Lit currently has access to bank account via Venmo due to Venmo being attached to a personal cell phone. Discussion regarding how to proceed. Convenience vs security.

·        Chuck C, Eric C and Angie R visited from Region to discuss low attendance of GSRs at assemblies. The majority of feedback was related to the time commitment and the order of the agenda items.



Proposals:    None


Disbursements:     $1300 to Region



Closed @ 12:13

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