Updated: 7/24/2021

“In recovery, our ideas of fun change. We are now free to enjoy the simple things in life, like fellowship and living in harmony with nature.”

~(Basic Text 6th. Ed., p. 107)

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The Off the Wall Activities subcommittee is all about enjoying life without the use of drugs. We organize events throughout the year with the goal of providing a wide variety of activities that clean addicts can do together in recovery, including camp outs, dances, sporting events, picnics, movies and much more.

According to our 7th tradition, our groups are fully self-supporting declining outside contributions. Part of the money that we put into the basket at meetings funds area events. No one who gives of their time and effort is paid for their service. We participate to get more involved with our fellowship and to keep what we have by giving it away.

We always need new people and fresh ideas.

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Learn about the Activities Subcommittee and help plan new activities at our monthly meeting:

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We all have talents that were hidden when we were in our active addiction. Supporting Activities in our Area allows us to use those talents. If you want to get involved, give us a call, shoot us an email or show up for our next subcommittee meeting.

Our goal is to have lots of activities in the next year so please join us!

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Off the Wall Area Activities Chair: Matt V. email 

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