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 Updated: 3/31/2022

“We have but one primary purpose, to carry the message to the addict who still suffers.”

~(NA Fifth Tradition, Basic Text, 6th Ed., p. 60)

The Off the Wall Area Hospitals and Institutions (H&I) subcommittee is a group of Narcotics Anonymous members who carry a clear Narcotics Anonymous message of recovery to addicts in institutions where they may not otherwise have regular access to outside NA meetings.

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Participation Requirements:

  • Panel Member – Listen only: 3 months clean
  • Panel Member – share in meetings: 6 months clean
  • Some facilities have varied requirements. Ask the H&I sub-committee for specifics.

Service Information:

H&I Subcommittee  – Next Meeting

Off the Wall H&I members are governed by the general rules of the facilities they serve and are accountable to the Off the Wall Area Service Committee.

  • There is no minimum clean time requirement to participate in the Off the Wall H&I subcommittee business meetings.

Current (03/05/22) Off the Wall Area H&I Guidelines 

NAWS H&I Handbook
Subcommittee Report Form (for the entire subcommittee’s report to area)


H&I Chair – Shell H. –
H&I Vice-Chair – Jesse T.
Secretary – Sarah D.
Greeley Detox – Shell H.
Harmony – Doug J.
Larimer County Jail (Womens) – Carrie A.
Larimer County Jail (Mens) – Dave A.
North Point – Doug J.
Platte Valley Youth Services– Jesse T.
Valiant Detox – Open
Weld County Jail (Mens) – Todd T.
Weld County Jail (Womens) – Lyndsay M.
Wings – Brittany G.

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Additional resources:

H&I “One-Pager” containing info for local areas and their contact info.

We need women and men to bring H&I meeting into the Larimer County Jail in Fort Collins. Larimer County Jail Volunteer Application

If you are interested in trying to qualify to volunteer for meetings at the Platte Valley Youth Services Center fill out this Volunteer Form.

To apply for access to Weld County Jails in order to bring H&I meetings into Weld County Jails please access that form here. Weld County Jail Volunteer Application

  Off the Wall Area Monthly H&I group report form (for Panel Lead reports to the subcommittee)

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